Small groups are the real connect point for any gathering.  Small groups are the place to get to know others, learn and grow together, solve problems and create solutions.  Small groups are where you discuss ideas, challenge and encourage thoughts, and explore unique and vital ways of living out the gospel message.

If you really want to grow and go then being involved in a small group is a must.  Without the encouragement of a small group you will miss opportunities that only you can bring to the mix.  You are the key to a successful small group.  Your input, conversations, experiences and stories will encourage others to live and learn as we follow Christ together.  Join a group.

If you are looking for a place to connect, contact Pastor Johnny Hughes.  He will lay out the options, so you can choose a time, place and people.  Drop him an email ( or send him a text at 610-763-4490, if you are ready to get involved.